Basement Conversions, Damp Proofing & Structural Waterproofing in Hebden Bridge 

damp proofing Hebden Bridge

At Cemplast Preservation, we are accredited professionals, delivering high quality remedial work, damp proofing and wall tie repairs for buildings in Hebden Bridge and its surrounding areas.

Our damp surveyors and technicians employ proven techniques to repair and prevent rising damp in homes across the region. Damp can cause damage to wallpaper, paint finishes on walls and can dramatically reduce the resale value of the property in general. Condensation Control is also an important part of this process. Condensation is quite often responsible for damp problems in residential buildings. Many properties, especially tenanted flats can suffer from condensation, resulting in black or green mould growth developing on furnishings, clothing and the walls and ceilings within the property. Our damp proofing and condensation control experts in Hebden Bridge can diagnose, treat and prevent further damage to any type of property.

We also provide structural house repairs in Hebden Bridge, including wall tie repairs – a common requirement for most properties built after the First World War. Wall Ties are used to tie together the weak external skin to the internal skin. Internal skins are usually stable since it has the support of the roof, floor and inner walls. Wall Ties are unseen metal components that are crucial to the stability and safety of cavity walls. If you think that you’ve spotted the signs of remedial or structural damage, give us a no obligation call to assist you. Structural house repairs are essential to prevent corrosive damage over time.

Our team are specialists in basement conversions. We not only have the expertise in waterproofing or tanking of basements and cellars,but our team create stunning basement conversions in Hebden Bridge and surrounding locations. From the structural waterproofing of the building to the plastering and dry lining of the old cellar walls, we can complete your basement conversion project from start to finish.

For any enquiries related to structural house repairs, damp proofing services orbasement conversions in and around Hebden Bridge, give us a call for a no obligation quote on 0800 158 3583 or 0113 292 6024. Or you can email