Basement Conversions in Leeds, Bradford and West Yorkshire.

We provide a full cellar renovation and Basement conversions service, from start to finish. Our team work with you on the design and carry out all structural work from basement tanking to damp proofing and plastering. We can convert your old cellar from a dark and damp room to a bright modern living space.

Our Basement conversions team are guided by Triton Systems, who are reputed specialists in the industry and these methods and processes of converting a basement are proven. All our work is guaranteed giving peace of mind to the clients who’s basements and cellars we have converted and renovated throughout Leeds, Bradford and West Yorkshire areas.

An increasing number of home owners want to add value or create extra living space to their property and a basement or cellar conversion is a preferable alternative or addition to converting a loft or building an extension because (a) you don’t affect the footprint of the building and (b) occasionally loft spaces tend not to be as spacious as basements, depending on the age of the property. We can covert your unused cellar to a basement cinema room, underground gym, home office or extra bedroom. Basically, we can develop any basement renovation idea and manage the whole project.

To arrange a free estimate for your basement conversion project or cellar renovation project within the West Yorkshire region please feel free to contact us.

Basement Tanking in Leeds, Bradford and Throughout West Yorkshire

Basement waterproofing also known as basement tanking is becoming a popular way of gaining extra habitable space within a property without changing the footprint of the building. It is the process of making your old cellar or basement clean, dry, waterproof and fit for use!

Basement waterproofing is required when a structure or property, or part of a property, is built at ground level or below. This exposes the property to water penetration through cracks, joints and structural weaknesses in the basement. Without the cellar being “tanked” this water ingress can then lead to mould, decay, structural problems and other damp related issues.

Basement waterproofing can be achieved either by blocking the passage of water into the building with external waterproofing or you can control the ingress and flow of the water to a pre-determined evacuation point. The water is forced out of the building by the use of cavity drainage systems, for which we have expert guidance by Triton Systems who are industry leaders in this field.

Also we can use cementitious tanking materials (“Slurry”) for basement tanking when there is a requirement to block water ingress into the building. After preparing the surface the basement tanking slurry is applied to the masonry surface in two to three coats depending on the levels of water ingress. The slurry then cures to form a water impermeable surface which we then be cover with a render to protect it. By using this basement tanking method the basement remains completely waterproof and the walls remain completely dry and breathable.

For any enquiries related to tanking your basement or to arrange a free estimate, please contact us and a member of our team will be glad to assist.